Int. Conference “Who Represents Pedigree Dogs. Building Strategies to Promote Our Hobby”

On 3 July 2023 the FCI Commission for Education and Public Relations held an international conference entitled “Who Represents Pedigree Dogs. Building Strategies to Promote Our Hobby”. The event was hosted by the Lithuanian Kennel Club.

Pedigree dogs have long been recognized for their remarkable qualities. They have captivated our hearts, brought joy to our lives, and served as steadfast companions throughout the ages. However, alongside their undeniable charm, there are complex issues surrounding pedigree dogs and our hobby that demand dog enthusiasts’’ attention and require thoughtful deliberation.


Thus, purpose of the conference was to engage in an open and constructive dialogue about the representation and welfare of pedigree dogs. It aimed at exploring various perspectives, addressing the challenges faced by these remarkable animals, and envisioning a future where their well-being is prioritized.

The conference has brought together a distinguished panel of 9 experts representing 3 continents, who shared their knowledge, experiences, and insights on this subject matter. Their expertise illuminated the many facets of pedigree dog representation, enabling us to gain a comprehensive understanding of the issues at hand.

Throughout the course of this conference, we will delve into diverse topics as listed in today’s agenda. Our goal is not only to identify the challenges but also to seek collaborative solutions that ensure the representation, well-being and longevity of purebred dogs.

This conference served as a platform for robust discussions, innovative ideas, and the exchange of knowledge. It was an opportunity for all to learn from one another, challenge prevailing notions, and work towards a collective vision of a future where pedigree dogs are represented in a manner that upholds their dignity and preserves their inherent qualities.

Photo by Guoda Kavaliauskaitė

Information by Lithuanian Kennel Club