International Conference on Pedigree Dogs, 2019 07 30

International Conference "Pedigree Dogs: Breeding, Reputation, Welfare and Challenges"


EUROPA CITY Vilnius Hotel, J.Jasinskio str.14, Vilnius, Lithuania

Under the patronage of the FCI European Section the Lithuanian Kennel Club held the fourth international conference focusing on pedigree dogs, their breeding, health and welfare.

The aim of the conference was to bring together the key stakeholders of canine world to discuss some of the major issues related to pedigree dogs that the world is facing today, to exchange and share their experience and best practices and to encourage international cooperation.

The main theme of the conference was “Pedigree Dogs: Breeding, Reputation, Welfare and Challenges”. The subthemes of the event included communication and education about, welfare, health and responsible breeding of pedigree dogs as well as the roles of national canine organisations, breed clubs, judges and breeders in educating society and promoting pedigree dogs.

The presentations covered general topics related to aforementioned aspects related to pedigree dogs, examples of projects and good practices of the kennel clubs to promote responsible breeding and discussions on how responsible breeding and effective communication could contribute to the improved reputation of pedigree dogs.